goin deep lyrics (ft. tyga) – travis porter

[intro: dj self]
dj self motherf*ckers

[hook: travis porter]
goin deep in it, goin deep in it
said the p*ssy so good i can sleep in it
goin deep in it, goin deep in it
all my bad b*tches to the v.i.p

[verse 1: travis porter]
she aint never did it, she gon’ try tonight
goin deep in it like im roddy white
leave your old man cause he a pee-on
touchdown like my name deion
diamonds in my chain thats sierre leone
we gettin’ money b*tch thats what planet we on
b*tch name venus say im the meanest
told her sh*t up b*tch and go suck a p*n*s
ridin’ in the beamer, smokin on doubies
pretty *ss face with a big *ss booty uhuh
got a fat *ss how that mouth feel?
after party at the t-raw crib

[verse 2: tyga]
gold chains n*gg* top ranked
hundred bills on your face make a b*tch pop, shake
no safe, ask why?
keep the combo on my waist in case a n*gg* hate jason style
put em in the lake ah!
you don’t gotta, answer to n*body
i did it dont regret it
no time for sorry, whip game ferrari
you starin’ im stuntin harley
all these b*tches is barbie, but i’m the life of the party
gotta condo down the street you can live in
schoolin’ these hoes they gon’ have to pay tuition
after party at my crib you don’t get admission
but your b*tch told you stop b*tchin’ ah, cause

[hook x2]

[verse 3: travis porter]
im going deep in it, im goin deep in it
but her phone the b*tch i wont sleep in it
i wont sleep in it, yeah i’mma leap in it
but when i put it in your mouth dont put your teeth in it
she aint too too bad, she cool
on the late night f*ckin’ in the pool
i can party on an empty stomach, need food
all this jewelry got me shinin’ like a fool
man f*ck the homie stu, put her in the chair
pullin’ on her hair while i kick it in the air
you strippers gon’ step on fifty in the air
long sleeve, leather jersey n*gg* thats rare (yeah)

[verse: travis porter]
my gangsta thats a ten four
roll up my endo’s
big white stones lookin’ clearer than a window
tote that extendo
shawty p*ssy good and she show me what it ten four
know im from the hood, we come deep to the back door
know that got them straps hoe
if you wanna rich n*gg* gotta bust it wide open
i got a molly and a blunt and a lil time
goin deep in that p*ssy like im prime time
shawty wine fine, i think its my time
sprite dirty i put her five inside
she a drinker, and me im smokin’ reefer
i’m lookin for a diva that will let me go deeper

[hook x2]

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