gods are aliens lyrics – melancholy pessimism

gods from planet nubir
created the human race.
aliens are the gods who
made the first people on earth.

who’s god, where is truth?
use your brain, open your eyes.

all ages in the black darkness,
without the light of knowledge,
under the holy pressure and
inside the deep gorge of lies.
why to keep hold of wrong theses
like the suckling of mum’s breast.
we can look into our long history
and admit the proofs of archeology.
listen and read the about the the new
research about our planet.

who created the pyramids?
who created the world?

try to enlighten the cave of darkness
and to set free from the chains of ignorance
how could people know so good
a geometry and maths a thousand
years before pythagoras?
also the chronicles of sumer shows
old reality.

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