god likes kisses lyrics – juliet’s wishing well

but then you never did listen to me
can’t say i blame you with my hypocrisy
did it ever occur to you i’d fall
these are tricky times now after all
isn’t it a shame that einstein’s dead
i can’t help but wonder what he would have said
and that old picture on the wall
is from a moment i just can’t recall
god likes sugar
god likes kisses
incidents and indecision
sometimes he haunts me
other times i swear he’s only
wandering inside another day
would you even tell if you were wrong
given how you found me just the other day
funny how we seem to move along
we just carve a place out anywhere
pretty pretty such a pretty scene
it’s hard to think this is someone else’s dream
who’d imagine anything like this
for a story we would tell our kids
remember me
remember me
remember me
please let me understand

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