girls lyrics – 666

(killer dude)
you know what?
im f*cking sick and f*cking tired of these girls
they are just b*tches
good for sh*t
d*ck suckin’
i hate girls

these hoes, these wh*r*s
these b*tches
they adore
what i do
what i f*cking do
my money, my power
always they after
it, it, sh*t

(the antichrist)
i had a girlfriend once
she was such a c*nt
good for nuttin but sh*t
such a b*tch
i hate girls
you ask why
they are so f*cking annoying and they always wanna pry
into your life
i dont give a sh*t
what these hoes think
ima f*cking say
whatever the f*ck i think

every every body
every one
every every one
say it like you mean it
say it like you mean it

(killer dude)

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