ghost of dipset lyrics – smoke dza

one of the illest n*gg*s doing it, you should thank me
audio in your ears, i paint the picture like i’m banksy
a1, keep it all the way tall, lankey, rolling up another one
bumping kid frankie
n*gg* getting chicken extra dinner rolls
f*ck the politics, see many come, many go
few real n*gg*s, few n*gg*s tall
broke hard like you and mister finger roll
and only if you winin, then you really know
bad b*tch centerfold, yellow cab send her home
n*gg* pure dope no stamp on me
count on me to keep it g, you could bank on me
ah, i’ve been on my sh*t
they call it showing love
nah, call it sucking d*cks
speaking of that, face f*cking my cambonian b*tch
soundtrack provided till you bout thelonius
we own this sh*t
we own this sh*t like
like any luck i do i own it
can’t copy or clone it

i show stop, come out in my bath robe
in high low socks
sweat shorts to my cavs
jordans kinda look like nickels
but i’m not that type of n*gg*
this a different type of get up
it’s real, backing up
still got og in my nails
i ball a half of pound n*gg*, i don’t need a scale
chill, as long as they keep printing bills
i’ma never stay still
f*ck a deal n*gg*, i could make a mill quicker
what i’ma do with that advance spot, mill with it
i play the block with the youngings
like a recruiter on any marthin luther
i’m plannin with shooters, the randomous killings
is pure entertainment, to a n*gg* that’s brainless hands
on the stainless, tryina get famous
there’s a war going on outside
no man is safe from
be aware, get head if you play dumb.

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