get some crunk in yo system lyrics – trillville

(feat. lil’ jon)

[hook x1: trillville (pastor troy)]

get some crunk in yo system (see)
get some crunk in yo system (it like this right!)
get some crunk in yo system (i done seen them n*gg*s)
get some crunk in yo system (they ain’t seen me yet)
get some crunk in yo system (but they still talkinf)
get some crunk in yo system (f*ck a slide, i’ma just swing)
get some crunk in yo system (a, b, yall n*gg*s could nevah see me)

[hook x2: trillville (pastor troy)]

get some crunk in yo system (c’mon)
get some crunk in yo system (c’mon)
get some crunk in yo system (c’mon)
get some crunk in yo system (yeah!)

[dirty mouth]
i can feel it, ya hater’s don’t like it
they see me at a show, them n*gg*s get excited
cause they think they fixing ta get me, but n*gg* i’m a riot
by myself i’ma riot, so n*gg* don’t try it
gun’s i collect em, gun’s for protection
gun’s for that n*gg* that try me and learned a lesson
cause they don’t say b.s’n, i’m good with my weapon
ain’t never been a lame in the game i respect it
i’m looking for trouble, my own label just found out that i’m a monster
but it’s too late cause i done signed for, a hundred or something
ain’t nothing i’m ruthless, still producing
cut me a check or you’ll find yo self toothless
i’m don corleone, keep it trill with no confusing
n*gg*s say i’m trill
they ain’t hard i can prove it……… yeaaaah

[hook x2: trillville (pastor troy)]

i’m sipping on the crunk juice, hennessy to get me loose
n*gg*s getting bunk and sh*t, dranking all the grey goose
throwing signs up in the air, representing from where they came
it’s the same sh*t in the club, n*gg*s fighting man.
throwing bows and breaking chairs, n*gg*s pulling hoes hair.
running through the club with they click cause they don’t care
screaming out whateva side, all my n*gg*s down to ride
if you think i’m lying then you p*ssy n*gg*s bet not try
i’ma let you know, that i never been the scary ho
busting n*gg*s brain yo, for f*cking with my game ho
then leave yo *ss chained tho, in the the middle of your yard.
i’ma pull yo card, for acting hard, down the boulevard n*gg* (c’mon)

[hook x2: trillville (pastor troy)]

guess who they called up? out of the wood works
take off my f*cking shirt, i’m rapping to the dirt
i’m rapping to the grave, i’m rapping for the a
i’m riding 21, on my impala son
i’m smoking big dro, i’m with the red ho.
her cousin got that blow, we kicked that n*gg* door
off the hinges, i’m relentless
i represent this, can i get a witness (amen)
amen , i works hard for the south
these n*gg*s playing hard wit they thumb in they mouth
the house, the car, these b*tches busting out they bras
just so they can show they t*tties to a star.
baby my doors ajar, the p*ssenger too
i’m ready to ride, so whats up boo? (yeaaah)
keeping it real,
keeping it trill
repping the ville,
i sho will

[hook x2: trillville (pastor troy)]

[hook x2]

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