get outta here! lyrics – lovecrave

i’m here, i’m scared
you’re coming home
the fear will tear me
till you’re gone
i rip your tendrils from inside
but you’ll be home tonight
no matter what they say to me
i keep eating sh*t
so they won’t see
how poor your life is
in the end – it’s the end

inhale and exhale and
you’re here and i’m dead
your steps in the doorway
demon comes to get me!

hey! i throw it all away
falling in your fire
every single day
but i’ll be a demon dear
screaming in your ears
now get outta here!
get outta here!
i smell your breath you’re
calling me – you want your doll
cause you can’t sleep
n*body can save me from death
no one except myself
but i learned to cut your
violence out
and now i choose to live without
that screaming silence in my head
you’re dead!

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