get out of here lyrics – audioweb

… to increase the peace
i carry on talkin’ if we all agree

said we want to end this thing in peace
but i tease him …

a supersonic singer with a …

will i ever live to get out of here? (x4)

no to surrender, it’s not in me agenda
you know i’m not a gangster, no i’m not a robber
will me take ‘cos …
i would be a prisoner
in prison i will suffer, they’d also call me n*gg*r


… everyone will get fixed
sometimes you can’t stop a bullet with a bulletproof
but i’m no …, i’m no culprit, i’m no …, i’m no …
open me window, gone shot past me neck
i wish i was …
then i wouldn’t have to worry, i wouldn’t have to …
remember in life what a life you … get
one stop, come again


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