genesis of terror lyrics – corrosion

tomorrow, who will decide our tomorrow?
businessmen, scientists or governments,
whose only thought is of their own well – being?
help us dear god to clean up this poor planet.
no more nuclear testing. no nuclear wars,
that contaminate the water and pierce holes
in the ozone.

radioactivity shortens the life
of this suffering humanity.
armies of teachers is what we need,
to conquer and to teach us.
this alone, they’ll triumph!
no – now you are man!
ah – the dictators will never return


industries poisoning all around,
opressing the workers,
and sewing wombs full of hate.
both of us in love with peace and liberty.
if only there were no more frontiers,
to divide country from country,
religion from religion, there would be communion.
how much gold was lost in flames, in the wars?
how many children are dying for bread?
plague circles stalking the village
death thrills at the beginning of the end.


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