gangsta, gangsta lyrics – beanie sigel

[beanie sigel]
(yo) who wanna f*ck wit’, the fat boy of the roc?
(blldddttt) stick em, ha, another victim
mac pullin’ capers again
f*ck with that money paper then
light as a rock, gonna light up the block
don’t believe in cases, goin all out
paintin’ faces, switch my picture, like tradin’ places
for that money what?
everybody hands up, or hands down money tucked
i flip the money trucks, money i don’t give a f*ck
ay money, shut the f*ck up
it’s only a stickup
you don’t stand a chance, give it quick up
you ’bout to turn into an ambulance pickup
enough with the c*cky stuff, f*ck all that stocky stuff
don’t get smacked like a hockey puck
i ain’t wit’ that rocky stuff
i’m strapped got this gat (blah blah blah blah)

[chorus: kurupt and beanie 2x]
gangsta gangsta, tell me how you do it
it seems so simple, like there was nothing to it
one more time run through it, everybody hands up
alright hands down money tucked

[beanie sigel]
i’m on fire like a molotov c*cktail
i’m high off them c*cktails
dangerous gone broke, my aim is no joke
duct taped, roped, strangle your folks
box cut across the throat (nope)
bang the four ’till it’s broke
prey on n*gg*s in a circlular pattern
catch you playin’ cr*ps, car in reverse
i’m circlin’ back

man i stay up in them dice games, f*ck a ice chain
a ice ring, i’m tryin’ to come up on some nice change
incase a n*gg* might swing, they gets a might thang
pull out the right thang, show em it’s a spike thang
make you do the right thing, like a spike lee joint
bang that p*ssy and his right knee joint
you get the sergeant and cap couldn’t tell mack (freeze)
i’m like a rat dodgin’ traps when it come to the cheeze
backwards wrapped my trough
wont hesitate to clap ya folks
i’m on tilt like a rapid (?)

[chorus 2x]

[beanie sigel]
back now n*gg*, all black down n*gg*
mack now, loaded up wit’ black towns n*gg*
frontline, clap down, backround n*gg*s
one nine clap crowns, and smack down n*gg*s
keep rope to hogtie you pork *ss n*gg*s
stuffin’ the boot to shoot hoops you sports *ss n*gg*
wouldn’t shoot a game of pool
8-ball in the corner pocket, stop it
you n*gg*s flippin’ guess jeans profit
disrespectin’ eskell, expectin’ to sell
you got seeds in ya weed, disrespectin’ the l
don’t got 20’s on ya wheels disrespectin’ the car
you burnin rubber and that squad, disrespectin the tar
you n*gg*s wore *ss backwards, ‘vessinal gat
same thing with your hustle, rustled and packed
the ball back on missions
drop the east the mack more vicious
back to sn*tch or crack off dishes

[chorus 2x]

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