g.l.e.t. (greatest lies ever told) lyrics – m.o.d

this is a story about small town local boy-
a broken e- string and the greatest lie ever told.
it cost him his soul. the bell tolls.
standing at the crossroads, where all the sinners waits
for redemption or fate..

liars burn in h*ll. you should have never lied, but you

it’s about james hetfield how he p*ssed the torch and
save the day
he in landed in his helicopter and gave a gibson guitar

liars burn in h*ll. you should have never lied, but you

liar -liar pant’s on fire. stick a needle in your eye
and hope you don’t die.
i see the problem here, it wont just disappear, you
need to face your fears
we all have our cross to bear- something’s aren’t meant
to share
liars burn in the fires of h*ll. [devils laughs]
there is no redemption, for lyings a sin.
the devil is waiting-to eat your soul
ohhhh! satan! grandma!
oh nohe he comes-the devil to torture the liar
breathing flames he’ll drink your blood
no salvation from his pyre
ahhhh- your gonna fry
ahhhh– your gonna burn
ahhhhh- you’ll never know
cause liars never learn
oh, it was all a bad safe at home, in your bed- snuggle
take a deep breath, sigh in relief
your safe-psych!!
[devil laughing]
guess whose under your bed.
there is no salvation for lyings a sin
oh no– await your judgment.. the devil is waiting.
pain and torment, horror your judgment.

there is no salvation

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