futg lyrics (ft. courtney) – lola monroe

[verse 1: lola monroe]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
on some real sh*t, these b*tches ain’t f*ckin’ with me
these n*gg*s is lames, and they can’t f*ck with me
any rap b*tch, with an issue come and get me
picture that, come and get me
d*mn i go so cold, these n*gg*s all hot
and if your circle ballin, why these n*gg*s off block?
jockin’ *ss, y’all knockin’ *ss
i’mma hate on a n*gg* just stop and ask
hate to see your body glow, like the police clothes
i’m a double o blow with your boxing *ss
ain’t no need for all that makeup, love you’re naturally a clown
if you worked on getting your paper up, you could gradually get down
all these b*tches screaming hustle, and they ain’t never seen one
b*tch i hustle for a dolla, ’til i ain’t ever need one
duck, duck goose, these b*tches, and make them take a seat
cause judging from my bankroll, they should really take a plea
bout to paint the phantom pink the top off and ground get it
baddest b*tch in the game is what i’m is, and i’m gonna get it

[hook: courtney]
they be askin’ where i’m goin’
all this moneys what i’ve been showin’
from the bottom’s where i came
and i did it on my own
ain’t n*body give it to us
think about it every day
y’all been f*ckin’ up the game
y’all been f*ckin’ up the game
y’all been f*ckin’ up the game
y’all been f*ckin’ up the game

[verse 2: lola monroe]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
how they spell ’em, yeah they wanna get with l-o-l-a
dana and the yellow bellies catch me in the yellow lambo
talkin’ on the yellow celly, all about my deli, that the ham
you wonderin’ am i ’bout to kill this? yes i am
wiz told me get ’em, hangin portraits for they headshots
wake ’em out they sleep, like they bed rocked
where these dust buckets come from
don’t know what these b*tches used to
but i got a couple questions for you cloned out new crews
thought you f*ckin’ with us? thought you f*ckin’ with us?
one more, really thought you f*ckin’ with us?
never, taylor, taylor, taylor… gang

[hook: courtney]

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