fullmoon sorcery lyrics – deathhammer

the stench of rotten corpses fills the air
as the fullmoon lights up the cemetary
rituals are performed to raise the dead
arise from your graves, christian blood must be shed
torment, witchcraft and blasphemy
raise your bloodfilled chalice eternally
the flames burns tonight for his return
for priest to slaughter and lambs to burn
fullmoon sorcery
we gather around the ancient sacrifice
sp*wned by h*llfire the beast arise
possessed by evil and hungry for flesh
we rip the arms of jesus and eat his head
an unholy bloodslaught on wings of doom
satans dark legions are rising in bloom
to the black oath we have forever sworn
its time to sacrifice the f*ckin virginborn
fullmoon sorcery
a lightning strikes the earthly soil as darkness falls on
demons rise up from below to witness the rebirth
a morbid voice penetrates the ghastly funeral winds
we kneel before the burning flames and hail the king

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