fuckimaks!! lyrics – mantak

i’ll kick your b*st*rd *ss
and masturbating in your face
i’ll cut you ‘clever’ tongue
‘pukimak,sial banjingan!!!

lacerate your f*cking faces
cut your throat down to the ground
slash your skin into f*cking pieces
your f*cking blood staining on my f*cking hand!

brutalize exterminate you
i’ll skin you f*cking alive
hacking through your f*cking organ
and throw it for the dog’s feeds!!!

death to you..!!!

your smells like rotten rats
your breath is full of lies
i will destroy you
from ashes to ashes dusk to death!!

your shall die!!!!!!!!!!
kau pukimak!!!!!!pukimak!!!!!
kau pukimak!!!!!!!!!!!

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