fuck off coz i hate you all lyrics – leng tch’e

you’re throwing sh*t at me but you don’t know who i am
i’m just an easy target ‘coz i’m a shy loner
you know i’m not self-confident, i’m so afraid to fail
and i just don’t have the guts to say ”f*ck you” to your face

you’re making fun of me ‘coz i’m not like you
you’re degrading me for all that i stand for
your insults just prove your f*cking ignorance
but still they make me wanna forget about this sh*t called life

it’s all f*cked up now because of you
how can humanity be so f*cking stupid?
there’s so many sh*t going on in this world
you’ve no respect for each other,
you’re destroying your own kind

there’s nothing i can do but look and stand back
i have to undergo all your humiliations
i can only hope for myself that it will stop
i can’t take this sh*t under control

you criticize my way of life
you’re kicking me down to the ground
i even start to hate myself
to all of you i can only say:
f*ck off ‘coz i hate you all!

why can’t you just leave me alone
you’ve hurt me so deep inside now
the sh*t you’ve done i can not forget
you don’t know how much i hate you!

i’ve put up with too much of your sh*t
it’s driving me insane
you say that i’m a loser but you will all regret
‘coz in the end you will loose

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