from the refusal of god to the negation of humanity lyrics – near death condition

you’ve created a god in your image
pale glimmers and failing forces
cast into this anthropomorphic conception
of what is beyond the reason of man

subjected to his judgment you’ve implored his mercy
ensured to live eternally beyond death in his kingdom
but these were just empty promises
made by men as pestilential as you

more and more devoid of sense and interest
this feeble god has fallen into oblivion
in favor of a cult of the self equally arrogant
towards the truth that you’ve never perceived

refusing your god, you’ve confused yourself with the
selfish, vile, evil and petty as the one you’ve feared

having no more reason to walk a brilliant path
doomed to death that will mark the end of all

your life to which your god gave a sense
has been emptied of all morality and justice
do we have to be good if not for being rewarded for?
when it’s more natural to be evil and nasty

impurity is the sign of reality
leading a life of debauchery without future
worse than animals in lack of food
through s*x and violence you’re dominating virtue

you are disgusting me, sl*ts and false men
plague and violent death is what you deserve
i hate you to the depths of your soul
as i m*st*rb*t* upon your lives

the idea of being able to put an end to this ignominy
not feeling imprisoned by this odious life
comforts me and allows me to endure
until my vengeance, the burden of existence

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