from my skull it rains lyrics – invocator

…so short of hope…

falling through the mist,
my collision with the walls of eternity
in the mountain’s hazy dephts, i slip onto thee

in the distance i wept, my presence discended
that night i lost something
inside i felt nothing

from my skull it rains in red
never knew what the signs said
burns into my hands and feet , the air
please god, let not my destiny be theirs

close my eyes again,
praying for this nightmare to end
only further i fall

this dormant suffering that could not be awakened
the pain they were to cause,
for they had been forsaken
and so their presence faded as i saw them fly away
somehow i wished that i was one of them

search my soul in distraction,
i can’t help it i am drowning in myself
glide so easily between my eyes into my skull
i know now i shall be lost forever

…so short of hope and dying!

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