friction lyrics – electric frankenstein

friction (said a bunch of times)
make a move and make your mark
gutter dancing in the dark
taking all you got to keep your tone
move and don’t begin to shake
human race is on display
greed and l*st will take its final toll
crime and pleasure in a gl*ss
serve it up and drink it fast
reality is left out in the cold
buy the ticket take a ride
don’t know what you’ll find inside
use the life you have before its sold

friction! hate begins to generate
friction! worlds begin to seperate
friction! just enough to aggitate

no one’s innocent
innocence just came and went
babies with machine guns hold the key
crime waves on a rockin ride
suicide a sign of fright
bullets of the future aimed at me
say goodbye to all of it
love and hate begin to fit
final destination outta reach
middle or upper cl*ss
pack into a midnight m*ss
pray upon the ones you the beciet

chorus (2x)
friction (said a bunch of times until end)

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