foreign policy lyrics – fear

dormant & still
lying cold & slow
unmoving currents
lurking below, lurking below

hate fills your eyes
strike with shock & fear
kremlin awaits us
the eastern borders leer

awaken now the nation
lightning violence flies
striking down the imposters
ending political disguise
let sleeping dogs lie

shadows come a creeping
shattered family,
mother weeping
shallow graves,
rotting reeking
scent of death
warm & good!
that’s my foreign policy!

dormant & still
lying slow & cold
unmoving currents
lurking below
seething in pain
contorting fast then slow
twitching you bleed
your blood staining the snow

falling now the enemy
explosions fill the sky
crippling deceit
ending sickening lie
see through blood stained

foreign policy just for you!

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