forced intercourse lyrics – dead youth

lyrics: dave, john 91 music: john 91

incarcerated-begin new life
your virgin *ss is thrown in a cell
your home is now behind bars
the land of h*m*s is where you dwell

your former life has ended
heterols*xual life has ceased
the new community in which you live
is ruled by h*m*s*xuality

there’s two muscular queers in your cell
you can’t escape their b*tt f*cking h*ll
this is your life-it doesn’t get better
you have no choice b*tt to surrender

erect p*n*s *j*c*l*tes
your rectum is filled with semen
your p*n*s is being sucked
your mouth used as a duct

c*m drips down your crack
like billiards your balls are racked
two c*cks inside of your *ss
you’ll do what the f*ck you are asked

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