for god & government lyrics – death threat

land of the brave, home of the free, in god we trust, in liberty, justice prevails.
but lies are still told as we watch our world grow old so we keep our eyes on the skies and pray every day for our lives and the lives of those already taken.
our world is forsaken,
helpless cries while millions die for god and government,
helpless cries while millions die for god and government! murderers among us,
no one is safe, no remores for the life that they take!
turn your backs to god and government,
and you’ve sealed our fate.
the great tribulation awaits and that’ll be your final mistake!
god and government, god and government,
millions die and who’s to blame for god and government!
watch religion go up in flames for god and government.
innocent die they die in vain for god and government,
killing in the name of god and government.

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