follow the calls for battle lyrics – darkened nocturn slaughtercult

a vast colossos is storming over the land,
the gigant judgement of sudden death,
it is creeping up, transforming the human dwelling into a combustion chamber.
his venomous breath gives glimbse to all hillsides of the darkest abyss.
lacerate the highest of all beings,
towards the final awakening,
everything which contributes to depopulating the earth is good!
follow the calls for battle!!!
never stop the madness, murder is good!
in heaps of rubble shall be,
the glorious mankind achieved.
by filthy beings made – through filthy humans shall be destroyed.
silent suicide is bad! dont leave without taking someone with you!
follow the calls for battle!!!
burn that which is opposing you!
in deathly silence of mortal agony,
we hear the redemption drawing near:
with deafening storms in the air!
with pounding trembles in the earth!
with waves in the sea…
sow the seed of peace,
let the redemption preach it`s words,
m*ssive harvest of humanity.
greet the new messiah,
with your tulwod, with your zadule, with your death.
followed the calls for battle!!!

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