follow blind lyrics – naysayer

turn your back – i’ll be just fine
changing for the same – just a matter of time
but i won’t change my mind
as for you – shouldn’t be surprised
i watched you drop – right before my eyes
you fall – i rise

i hope it’s worth it (to you) – to make that change
it doesn’t make any sense to me
what’s the matter – you lost your faith?
it’s still important to me

now i’m waiting to see what’s next
what’s gonna come from all of this?
fade away – will you disappear
we’re probably better – without you here
time changed – and you changed your mind
i hope you enjoy it – what you’re trying to find
but, i won’t follow blind

and now you take the ride
well, that’s just fine
what are you trying to find?
i won’t follow blind…

you won’t change my mind.

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