flying saucer lyrics – brave combo

i’m tired of the same old job
and the same old recreation.
my life in general bores me to the core
i need a permanent vacation.
but i’m not gonna fool myself.
i’m not gonna tell me lies.
i won’t pretend anything at all
but i really need a big surprise.

i wanna see a flying saucer
i wanna see a flying saucer
i wanna see it land in front of my car
fly in formation over my backyard
or carry me off to the nearest star
i want to see a flying saucer
i want to see a flying saucer, yeah.

i don’t want to read your book.
(read your book)
i don’t want to hear your tale.
(hear your tale)
i don’t want to see any photos you took
or get ufo news in the mail
i want to see something not from earth,
something new to understand,
something way beyond s*x, death, or birth,
or playing music in this band.


yeah yeah yeah

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