fly away lyrics – angel dust

for me and i
live seems so hard at all
not evenworth a dime
need to do some kind of crime
i’m looking up
to a high command
but watching you tears me in two
to sell myself i got to do
there’s no return now
if i want to go my way
to leave this life of a dying man
i would sell my soul to anyone
here i am, an eternal slave
i will do what you like
i will be at your side – i’m allright
i would die to be your friend
fly away to the other side
fly away to the point of entry
fly away to what? s so high above
will you establish me
in your company?
oh please
i’ll be forever yours
seems i am none, but i’m sure i’ll be one
there’s a place for me too
just tell me what to do

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