flagrant lyrics – choclair

intro [choclair]
everybody’s got something to say
everybody’s got something to do
something to talk about
“whenever i move, eyes glued” <-- choclair everybody wants to try and draw cards they ain't got nothing to shuffle and if they got some cards they playing with nothing but jokers[choclair] my att*tude on the whole is, f*ck dumb sh*t my n*gg*s stay suave so f*ck a dumb b*tch and n*gg*z who be actin like they b*tches and b*tches who actin like they n*gg*z, but they still a b*tch don't make my long finger itch, come b*tch and complain make my back strain no dough to contol you further pirate n*gg*z, wild for the night bre-x motherf*ckers, whenever i move eyes glued and always got something to prove i could care less about your att*tude and what you think about us i stay focus cause greedy cats always chase us we all tryin to bust, so stick and move, stick and move n*gg* on our train just because of our grooves other n*gg*z call names to byp*ss dues n*gg* i see you i just choose not to address you, your wack crew, your whole flop set imagine i was unsigned and had more respect i was gone for some time but still the first on your breath you haven't done sh*t i hate to see the next man rise crack your oven but i'm done surprise!chorus x2 [choclair] (saukrates) (what you want, from me) (n*gg*, n*gg*) when ever i move eyes glued i drop sh*t whether it's smooth or hard dude leave you all confused when ever i move eyes glued[choclair] now some cats tried to f*ck with big dogs but forget a dog'll tear them with one slam in their jaw i got my own thing never rumage through yours mine soars like an eagle, yours is floored as paws unappealin' like a cold sore, a blemish on your whole track record, you apoligize want me on your side, nah f*ck it take it back you got wack sh*t, don't *ssociate was a nice guy 'til n*gg*z tried to hit the gate you was all diet and now your hands reach for my plate but, you can't eat my food duke, too spicy got a long belly on the industry flip burgers to pasteries look at me with your long teeth bitin' on my word lookin for raw beats b*tches gettin mad when they call me 'you didn't return my page' b*tch i been on the road for 4 weeks, cool off when i get there, i'mma break you off n*gg*z actin hard but they soft cause they more sp*ce then lost and more race then cars hatin me 'cause i do tours long d*ck givin' y'all a long kiss goodbyechorus[choclair] this was meant for a few some was individualized 'cause n*gg*s insist to chastized and chastize i still penetrate like i'm between two thighs my conglomorates takin' down your whole opera-tion n*gg*s who hate to make themselves sound great stun cats 'cause my system draw cats like bayton you hear me son, can't compete wit the suave dog circle enterprise is the clique wanna be me mistique your hoe your story's untold why me? 6 foot 1, a bill seventy i'm the logo when exposed i come heavily is it me, (or is it my personality) is it me, or is it my personality that make you all envious of us quick to bust like a d*ck getting sucked by 2 dutch, with big t*ts and blonde heads you straight p*ssy nuff saidwhat you want from me? (n*gg*, n*gg*)

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