first night back in london lyrics – clash

the mini cab
the driver is black
this time of night
you better sit in the back

got a few smokes
under your hat
the cops are lookin’ out
for the petrol on the black

this time i think
so what the h*ll
there’s that female
i know too well

why should i lean
get out my mind again
i ridin’ in the back alone
the stranger rides again

to see my lovely town
that always brings you down
where every drifter drifts
for many miles around

we take a casual drive
for two miles up the road
the cops pull us over
and search right through our clothes

they give him h*ll
they check him on the air
i sit there with the drugs in my hair

as soon as i get home
i call heathrow
want a standby fare to borneo

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