fireworks lyrics – gin blossoms

why is the night sky an exquisite extent?
it looks like you of my mind
thinking of you, crawling on some illusions
can’t breathe, is my love in air pollution?
sorry for my selfishness

i’m aware that i’m tiny existence in this wide sky
try to do big sh*t as possible
making from me, i’ll stop your ear
don’t listen, i say loving with explosion
kill your silence

look up! f*ck up! shoot up! fireworks!

for you to kill the sad songs, if i’m anywhere
in this sky, look for answer, give me reason

the morning comes, i’ll be sh*tting open that door casually
but midnight comes, i wanna shoot it more than sh*ts

hope it reaches you, and emit a flash
i kill ya, i love ya, i need ya, i sh*t ya
i found as words as number of star
if you’re man, could you understand?

voiceless shooting, is it self-satisfaction?
last words from me, an impulse of the moment

if i could hold you under the fireworks again
we would leave a sh*t of you and me

no p*ss, peace is on masturbation, f*ck me

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