fire it up lyrics – copywrite78

* if such a thing exists as being such a king as this
sl*ts pucker up, to kiss the ring and fist
the rhyming vet, the livest yet
drop fly sh*t like a g-4 private jet
bet you get more than grazed by the nine
layed by the side
oh you out of bullets? here, take some of mine
and clowns hate how i lock this down
if they think i’m obnoxious now, wait til i pop cristal
got one need, to just smoke out
but if your weed’s got one seed, the sh*t don’t count
dog, you don’t want us running home.
you don’t want it holmes. if you a ‘g’
you as silent as the one in front of gnome
and you can love me, or you can judge me
but dissin me’s like, beetlejuice in a cape, super ugly
trust me, i’ma sh*t on my foes
and sit on my throne
so hop off my d*ck and get on your own

(hook x’s 2)
o-h-i-o, no place like home
everywhere i go, i relocate my throne
roll it up. light it up. fire it up
bring a b*tch to the telly and get high as f*ck

schatz got me upchuckin in a cut buzzin
might spit about the same sh*t, but then again
who the f*ck doesn’t?!?!
when writers fed, bite his lead, or we can fight instead
and f*ck a can, we open whoop *ss by the keg
tell your boys to get your lame crest on
wanna rip together? y’all can share the same headstone
and it’s rarely ever that i bury pairs together
but i’m ruthless.
i did it with ease like jerry h*ller
so if you mention me,
you fairies better levitate or jump a fence from me
seven eight’s a heavyweight, like pregnancy
and you can die in a coupe with dark tint
copy! shoot the sky til the moon is dark red
stop me! you could try, but i move at mach 10
watch me! superfly from the booth like clark kent
copy! doctor strange when i’m on the ???
the vets i roll with will put your dogs to sleep
puff five blunts straight to the brain
jakki’s got one five one through a pump straight to the vein
sights a bit wrecked.
i ain’t even light the spliff yet
and already my eyes are bloodshot like a crips set

(hook x’s 2)

y’all cats ain’t never gonna advance, i’m big headed
got an even bigger ego for the one in my pants
lames hurtin.
i aim perfect for opponent’s heads
still in charge like a cordless phone is dead
only writin four bar verses now. reason??
can’t get past the fifth line without the crowd screamin
y’all don’t rhyme, y’all b*tch. d*ck in mouth even
only time y’all spit’s when you spittin out s*m*n
hope you’re ready b*st*rds,
my prose already cl*ssic
and like laffy taffy i got a joke on every rapper
you hold your own? no you don’t
i’ll let you sh*t first, when i start sh*ttin the toilet overflows
and i ain’t quittin six four, dyin hittin chicks raw
in the hyatt on the fifth floor with her hymen splittin
so bet the money you got my album’s like h*ll!
you don’t know when it’s comin but you know it’s gonna be hot

(hook x’s 2)

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