finnish medley lyrics – ensiferum

the tree is blooming on the fields of karelia
the karelian birches are getting thicker
your c*ckoo is c*ckooing and it is spring
take my endless yearning there.

i feel your danger and your’ mountain range.
and the smoke of your burnt land and your sleeping
and the primeval trees of your forest
and your looming inlets and the mounths of the fjords.

my journey is oft there without a goal
through forests went, bushes
i stood with a bare head on the hills
where i saw the beautiful karelia ahead of me

h*llo, forest, h*llo, mountain
h*llo, the prince of the forest
here is a n*ble boy, young
he comes forward, full of power
as the severe wind of the field

i want to be a son of the forest
hero of the gloomy spruce copse
on the fields of tapiola
i wrestle with the bear
and the world shall be forgotten

the peace is here wonderful
brave is the fighting
storm is coming and forest thunders
the fire strikes long
and a spruce falls down loudly

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