fight for your right to party lyrics – sammy hagar

kick it
k-k-k-k-kick it

you woke up late for school, man you don’t wanna go
you ask your mom, “please?” but she still says, “no!”
you missed two cl*sses with no homework
your teacher preaches cl*ss like you’re some kind of jerk, yeah

so we gotta fight for the right to party
yeah, dig it
now we gotta fight for the right to party

over here
ow, ow, ow
bring it down, bring it down, yeah
come on, dig it

(*we gotta special gues here tonight, one time only
bling, bling is in the house!*)

well, your pop caught you smoking, man he said, “no way!”
man, that hypocrite, she smokes two packs a day
well, living at that home is such a drag
my old lady threw away my best p*rno mag


you gotta fight for the right to party
wooh, party
yeah, now we gotta party, ow
hey, hey, hey, party
yeah, let’s go

hey, hey
yeah, wooh

yeah, just like that
that’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout

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