fifteen minutes of fame lyrics – cameron daddo

i never cared to be a football star
kick a leather bag of wind around the park (in the rain)
wouldn’t feel right drivin’ a train
but there’s got to be something i can claim
my fifteen minutes of fame, fifteen minutes of fame
if i put my head down and work real hard
maybe i can learn how to play guitar
write me a hit on mtv
every woman in the world will wanna know about me
and my fifteen minutes of fam eetc….
i don’t need forever in the public eye
just a little time in the sun
gimme a shot, watch me shine
i’m the one, now tell me where do i sign?
some folkns make it big and throw it all away
i got a plan – i wouldn’t work another day
livin’ in the lap of luxury
your nine-hundred second celebrity
my fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes, gimme
fifteen minutes of fame

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