fields of the crucified lyrics – rage nucleaire

in the charnel land of the d*mned,
in a child’s garden of graves,
insanity has planted
fields of the crucified;
their heads point to the parched earth
under vermillion skies

on each side of a blasted path,
as far as the eye can see:
row upon row of crosses;
miasmic ill enshrouds
perdition’s umber implements
beneath black roiling clouds

to while away eternity,
the godless lost bewail
their inverted d*mnation
amid the vacant graves

their demented cacophony
delights the fallen child,
who sowed temptation’s seeds
to watch his nurslings writhe

this is the dawn of nothingness (to be embraced):
the dust, the dark, the gathering m*ss
…and the scr*ping tread of the dead on the earth…

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