fear of the unknown lyrics – demise

i don’t want to listen, understand and doubt no more
imagination of shape has ripened in totality
i won’t be p*ssive but i will try to be active
maybe i will fall asleep waking a destination
i close myself and go down in lethargy
i take leave of remembrances, they would be superfluous
i go away further and further
feel i will not come back
don’t know where, i’m alone
i’m afraid i don’t know what i will meet on my way
but fear of the unknown is something natural
lightness, blissful rupture of flowe smell
makes me serene and i feel closer
transformation that i was undergoing
persisting without my knowledge will consent
i became an infant, defenceless, crying
destiny was with me, i was receiver
i stay with myself far away, no one else
i’m not subject to the law and to anyone either
sky blue of thoughts suggests of this
i’m standing numbed and i don’t know
who i am

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