fear lyrics – disciple

verse 1
when the wicked come against me to take my life, eat my flesh,
cut me down, break my bones, leave me dead (psalm 27: 2)
when the trouble’s all around me he will hide me inside,
the secret place where his face, i will seek (psalm 27: 5)

if you are for me who can be against me (romans 8: 31)
i’ll not fear the one, not fear the one, who’d take my life,
take it with his hands (luke 12: 4-5)

verse 2
when the enemy’s around me i won’t run, i will stand, confident,
he’s with me, i’m in his hand (psalm 27: 3)
when the flood rises against me, you’re my rock, fortress,
deliver, advocate, my defense (psalm 18: 2, 16-17)

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