fashionable lyrics – despised icon

with its unreal beauty, humanity has chosen its way of stupidity
a masquerade of futility
under their fear of ugliness, your self-respect gone for your needs
a disgusting deviation accepted by rancid minds
exchanging s*x norms without disgrace;
depravity d*ck butchered, mutilated, eviscerated, transformed c*nt
humans boosted with hormones
hair removed by laser
his c*ck has been unable to have intercourse because of the phallus he has
seen on tv
women who don’t want their cl*t licked because of p*rno
perfect reshaped p*ss*es
now everybody can be a cover girl
pictured with a modest touch of computer
remodeled by technology
noxious implants, inside your body
collagen lips, silicon t*ts
being thin is your main value
anorexic suicide caused by a mental illness
drowned by pathetic stereotypes
rotten inside for a better outside
imaging superficiality
dreaming of a new direction
aesthetic synonym of artificial appearances
vile stench of reality
minds oppressed
complex of an irregularity
depressive society running after nothing.

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