fartin without wind lyrics – eastdeath

artist: eastdeath
alb*m: poo is wee, wee is poo
year: 1984
e-mail: rumple@rumpleland.ru

everybody’s looking for that trumping
one fart that makes you feel complete
you’ll find it in the strangest places
vindaloo, mcdonalds and baked beans
some fart in the faces of their children
some fart and stick it in a jar
who can deny the joy it brings
when you let off those deadly things
you’re farting without wind

some share a fart in bed each morning
some fart all through the windy night
watch out for silent but violents
coz if they’re bad then they will make you cry
oh, some sh*t their pants without warning
because they push too hard and squeeze out sh*te
and when you’ve ate too many beans
and you’ve melted your g-string
you’re farting without wind

my diarrhoea is worse than shingles
it pummels out like – plop, plop, plop
but like they say in the ad for pringles
‘once you pop you just can’t stop!’
whoa, the splash it burns my bottom
when i do a king kong sh*t
the type that won’t flush down the toilet
and the splash covers your *ss in p*ss

so impossible as it may seem
you’ve got to fight to keep them held in
‘cuz who’s to know if you let one go
in the middle of the street

some gay people they poo their trousers
do farts more lethal than anthrax
they can’t control their own digestion
because their b*m muscles just relax
it’s the little farts that only i do
those are the farts that make you cry-y-y-y
coz when your pants rip at the seams
and your b*mhole, oh it screams
your farting without wind

my bowels is where my smell begins
stems from my intestines
and my b*m is where it ends
i just can’t stop farting
i’m farting without wind

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