fallin’ off da deep end lyrics – fesu

this go out to all you non-believin m*th*f*ckas out there
thought a n*gg* was gon’ fall off
peep it

a lotta m*th*f*ckas say i fell off
say fesu lyrics went soft, say i’m jackin off
but you don’t know me
i grew up in acres homes, then i moved to gp
purchased some mars, then my nuts got big, real big
then my d*ck got real hard
dopefiends had to pay
crumblin for papers, where there’s a will there gots to be a way
hey, payday, payday, hoes screamin mayday
this is my sabbath, so i f*ck through sunday
and never let my sh*t bend
yeah, huh, i’m fallin off the deep end

see, wack m*th*f*ckas say i slipped
bust a lotta hoes in the mouth last year for talkin lip
threw them white boy nikes off my feet, put on ewings
cause in the ‘point, hoe, this is what i’m doing
rockin off breakbeats
and cuttin up sheet rock for them geek freaks
fesu had to lay low
for about 12 months i went incognito
but now i’m back, bro, yeah, i’m down with death row
but this a greenspoint show
and this is how we kick it f*ck you non-believers
you hoes just d*ck-teasers
him ain’t the brother you should get with
be glad your brother wrote another hit
but what you start, you gotta end
fool, i’m fallin off the deep end

i guess i gotta suck my own d*ck to prove i can make a hit
aw sh*t, i’m ’bout to have a f*ckin fit
f*ck yeah, i’m local
so deejay, spin my instrumental, them hoes don’t play my vocal
a n*gg* had to jack a groove
just to get his sh*t played cause my dreads ain’t got a fade
cause when my records were gettin played
i wasn’t rich, h*ll naw, i didn’t have it made
fell in love with this b*tch back in ’86
the only feelings i got her suckin my n*gg*’s d*ck
i don’t trust a m*th*f*cka
or his sister or his brother or his crack-smokin uncle
i can’t stand them white folks, i cannot stress it enough
by puttin your *ss in some handcuffs
you wouldn’t worry till i started makin money
but i can’t be faded, m*th*f*cka, i’m down with the 20

and i’m fallin off the deep end

kick it

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