fallen angel lyrics – goddess of desire

under attack of a fallen angel
turns out i’m the only one standing here
under attack of a fallen angel
everyone’s gone it’s just me and my fear

yesterday it happened again
i had to run away
from the monsters in my dreams
scared of the dark in which i had to stay
first it seemed that i was winning
then it turned out it was just the beginning
i lost my strength i started to scream
hoped it would be just another bad dream


i turned out to be the only one
my so called friends were already gone
what i thought real friendship was
seemed to be nothing when all hope was lost

[lead: arydon]

in this final fight i am alone
scared like h*ll no place to call my own
let me run away out of this place
defence is breaking it’s such a disgrace
have i been so blind that i couldn’t see
they have never been real friends for me
so alone and scared is how i will die


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