fairwell lyrics – benefit

i’m gonna leave the past alone
i used to have a blast at home
and a cellular phone, now i’m a walking skeletal bone
my stomach’s eating itself because i’m so d*mn hungry
i’m homeless, just about worthless and stumbly
’cause i just finished that last bit of guinness
why should i buy food b*tch, mind your own business
now tend to mine, sometimes i tend to find
a little piece of sandwich somebody left behind
and i’ll eat that the whole day, i beg thee always
say will work for food, have no place to stay
starvation has me living on my last chance
i make a fast dash and hit up all the trashcans
if i’m lucky i’ll find a piece of bread, often instead
i like to slash my neck leaving my shirt awfully red
but i can’t put the knife to my neck, my life is a wreck
and i’d shoot myself if i had a rifle or tek
prolonged death through malnutrition is unbearable
i try to find a job, i’m filthy plus i smell terrible
so n*body wants to pay me, no hottie wants to lay me
i tell the prost*tutes to give me head, they disobey me
maybe, i’ll join the military, join the navy
but i have no identification and no bravery
so f*ck it, i’m just gonna be alcohol’s puppet
get really drunk, find a tall building and climb up it
and then i’ll jump off, but wait, i’m afraid of heights
i have to turn off my lights some way with no frights
what’s the difference if i go out quietly or with a bang?
there’s a ledge, there’s a rope, guess i might as well hang
but that’s some bullsh*t because i know it won’t work
what if my neck doesn’t break on the first jerk?
what type of sh*t is this? i guess i’ll just slit a wrist
but that’s way too slow, and plus, what if the veins missed?

i’ve abandoned all chances of begging and all chances of living
guess there’s no obvious circ*mstances of giving
now if i’m gonna move on of free will
the only way to eat a meal is to rob, steal and kill
but i don’t have it in me and i’m too d*mn friendly
you’re my enemy because i’m broke and you have plenty
that’s how i justify it in my own mental riot
you’re well fed and i’m about to die from this diet
so you be quiet, and give up all your sh*t calmly
i’m ornery and i have a rusty screwdriver on me
and if you try to fight then it’s going in your neck quick
i’m a derelict but this is no lunatic rhetoric
so take it seriously and don’t try to screw with me
don’t get furious or curious, i want your jewelry
yes all of it, hurry up i’m being tolerant
if i choose to kill you, huh, the police ain’t solving it
’cause i’m a n*body and n*body is witnessing this robbery
and after i kill you, i’ll kill myself probably
that’s right, i’m gonna kill you now i’m so sorry
but i got all of your money plus the keys to your ferrari
and that’s all i need i knew that he would fall indeed
then the cops pulled up while i watched his neck bleed
and they pulled out all their guns at me and yelled “freeze”
i put the screwdriver to my throat and fell to my knees

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