facilitate the emancipation of your mummified mentality lyrics – exit-13

the bulk of society is imprisoned mentally
caged by ideas we’re subjected to continually
conditioned from birth by entrenched ideologies
free thinking minds are quickly crushed by
dark sinister follies

facilitate the emanc*p*tion of your
mummified mentality
take your mind beyond the security of
unchallenged certainty

you must be in complete control of cognition
break free from the confines of imposed definition
arduously ascend through states of
cerebral transcendence
embrace the uncertainty of mental independence

facilitate the emanc*p*tion of your
mummified mentality
continually scrutinize the factors governing
your own reality

develop a propensity for thinking intellectually
reject flawed thoughts that dogmatize your mind
refine the ability for trusting sensibilities
that flow forth from the love of humankind
exercise the faculty for pragmatic rationality
as you become aware and comprehend
search for validity in all thoughts held intrinsically
refute stupidity clogging up your head

facilitate the emanc*p*tion of your mind!

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