facets 2.0 lyrics – fleurety

underneath the skin
a glittering ocean
the waves and the pulsating soil
a spine bent into perverse angles
projected on a screen
a charming grimace
i shot my thoughts at you
dreading the recoil’s impact
the unrest of one instant and the amphorae were pulverized
projected on a screen
the imaginary silhouettes
i plunged into the fountain’s crystalline waters
without dreading the clash with the surface
you stole from me my riches and my tremors
projected on a screen
an anaemic body
i threw the explosive caresses
back at the smileress
and they

[heidi gjermundsen: voice]
[carl-michael eide: drums]
[mari solberg: saxophone]
[per amund solberg: b*ss]
[alexander nordgaren: guitars]
[s. e. hatlevik: synthesisers & voice]

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