faces of death lyrics – e-a-ski

i only got one life to live like the soaps
so before they take mines i’m puttin glocks to they throats
kerplow! adams apple just got hit by a nine-millimeter slug this all
real this ain’t no counterfit
test these nuts n*gg* your sh*ll gone crack and its gone take more than
just a quiji board to bring your spirit back.
you lead yourself into this confrentation elemination of your bodily
creation now you just a patient.
a doctor death but not kevorkian
you can turn the tails but you don’t wanna see the tails of the scorpion
faces of war , faces of anger, meet me face to face this ain’t no
ident*ty crisis this a mental phase.
a million and one faces i’ve got to know
cause n*body surp*ss the wrath of sir skier the o
ak’s, glocks, with infareds and techs on my swords for conquest as they
test my faces of death

faces of death, faces of death
are you scared for your life motherf*cker?
(you don’t wanna see)
faces of death, faces of death
are you scared motherf*cker for your life?
(you don’t wanna die) (x2)

me muggin is how i set them up
a smirky wicked twisted grin suspicion alone just shuts them up.
confusion arouses they brain like p*ssy do cause they don’t know what i
can do to them or they p*ssy crew
i should tell them to recognize like sam snead but i got so many faces
its a warning they just couldn’t heed
it gets greater later but not for haters
i snuff them like space invaders call me player hater *ss*ssinator
d*mn these n*gg*rs make my trigger finger inch.
f*ckin with these menace to society makes me click sh*t
i gave triggers to n*gg*rs with no hearts
turn n*gg*rs into stars and player haters into marks n*gg*r
don’t you know its my debut and i can break you
the same track you used to conversate to can turn around and fade you
my production style is too complex
music to me is s*x and thats just one of my…..

(chorus) (x2)

my dialect breaks necks, watch me shatter n*gg*rs like gl*ss, switch up
faces jump in my sh*t and haul *ss
you d*mn right i got an att*tude problem
my personalities switch with every click like a revolver n*gg*r
you playin russian roulette with your life f*ck your wife she ain’t a
widow n*gg*r i still f*ck her every night.
you n*gg*rs got beef for 100% usda sirloin steak and you n*gg*rs finna
get ate up wait up
this bullsh*t got my bloodpressure rising
knocking you out like tyson leave you f*ckers fantisising n*gg*r
i peal your cap like a safety seal its all real
my mack 11’s all steel makin ya’ll kneel
and i got platinums on the wall to show for mine
you claim you the hardest you ain’t got a d*mn dime
and where all your fans at they buyin’ all my cd’s off the shelf so they
can witness my faces of death


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