face the world lyrics – delta

all my eforts were in vain…
where do you see the waste of time?
why this world has to be this way?

what did you expect?
maybe some traces of light…
your words are blinded by fear.

what would you do in my place?
not just crying.

what do you mean?
i’m saying you’re weak.

i don’t care what you have to say.
well you should care.

my life is my own.
i’m part of you.

i’ll never be able to get away from you.

help me to get out of here.
will you escape again?

no, i’ll fight here face to face!
finally you’re thinking.

i’ll face this nightmare…
this nightmare is the world…

then i’ll face the world!

holy master
guide and guardian
from within my deepest sorrows i rise
to pray for thy protection
for thy blessing i need
to break free from this oppression
that fills my heart with despair
i invoke thy holy name
to give me the power
and the strength
to walk on…
to fin the path that will deliver my heart
from all grief
to reach the light that lies deep

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