face on fire lyrics – jim

why don’t you just come right out and say it, don’t you know it’s me you’re
talking to … ? ain’t no use in trying to overrate it, it’s not as if
n*body knew. try to see it my way from the bottom, back before the moss
turns into mold, we’re happily just sitting on the problem, watching a
catastrophe unfold.
refrain: someone’s gone and set their face on fire. i can’t believe i’ve
got to deal with this again. i said it couldn’t happen twice, i guess
makes me a liar, wow, think of all the money we’ll have to spend.
hey, can you hear that little whisper, it is so often ignored. no-one ever
listens for it closely, unless they are intoxicated or bored. it is always
trembling from the panic, panic because everything is wrong. we all know
that nothing here certain, just the same we think that we belong.
now why do you suppose i’m wearing pantyhose that are a size too small,
although one size fits all. i am the missing link, i brought the kitchen
sink, i am the reason why your eggs taste so good fried.

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