f-u m.f. lyrics – kool keith

so what you got your first deal?
who you signed with, n*gg*?
def jam?
i don’t give a f*ck if you’re with warner bros.
who you signed with, n*gg*?
muthaf*ckin loud?
interscope, columbia, sony, 550
f*ck it if you’re with dreamworks
and if is, your in-house commercial-*ss producers
can suck out the interior out of my d*ck
y’all still 75, that ain’t no new sh*t
fake-*ss wanna-be hip-hop sh*t
don’t worry about who the f*ck i hang with
jealous m*th*f*ckas

i’m tired of n*gg*s fooling m*th*f*ckas
actin like they drug dealers
all you rappers fantasizin that jewelry and car sh*t
you can pull the speedos and suck my d*ck
tell your corny fans who believe that sh*t
lick the back of my *ss quick
i’ma shut f*ggots down
especially m*th*f*ckas with that gay-*ss production
new millenium h*m* sound
smack the sh*t out of you for doin that wack-*ss sh*t you do
50 bodyguards surround you
keepin men that f*ck you in the *ss around you
standin like you runnin sh*t, you ain’t the f*ckin president
posin with ugly b*tches in your video who take aids medicine
you don’t wanna f*ck with me or rock with me
or rhyme on any block with me
f*ck the rap museum
i should be on the wall next to run-d.m.c.
between public enemy
some *ssholes jealous me
i don’t care no more about your lyrics
the average mc is bullsh*t, i don’t hear it
f*ck you talkin about you rap with a good spirit
i make rappers intimidated
over wack-*ss beats they get motivated, some have ministrated
even suburban kids copy your sh*t and duplicate it
my b*lls you now cherish
by some new-*ss mc about to perish
type of m*th*f*cka to eat a lotta celery
your cd was b*tter-soft – what you tellin me?
a bunch of ‘n sync type of fans hyped you up like bill bellamy
a b*tch like you would rhyme with a curfew
n*gg*s with real sh*t will hurt you
the girl scout club i refer you
b*st*rd you
your man rap, new n*gg*, he’s wack, f*ck you
stay low, i’m above you
erase your sh*t, i don’t dub you
f*ck you
f*ck you

f*ck you

f*ck you

you been rappin for 20’000 years
and you ain’t got your f*ckin deal yet?
what the f*ck
don’t take your problems out on me
and the rest of you m*th*f*ckas
walkin around lookin like some old alien n*gg*s

muthaf*cka, i pull your face off
’bout to show you what the f*ck you look like
cause you keep it real
too real m*th*f*ckin broke
n*body was sayin that sh*t when i was payin for them f*ckin hot wings
hope you burn your f*ckin lips

f*ck you
f*ck you
f*ck you
f*ck you


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