eyes lyrics – mist

what can you tell me?
your eyes are closed to the end of times
in my hi-tech window, landscapes pierce my eyes
a brain stroke in your head
can’t you realize?
why someone says “smile”?
why someone says “do you really care?!”

do you really care?!

how much does it bother you?
mercy for blue eyes
ain’t go no future
it makes you what you are
i turn over the pages and don’t find an answer
i don’t, i can’t, i don’t…
if you want to hate god
you got to know h*ll

do you really care?!
do you really care?!

a bloodstained hand caresses your face
your unconcern is repulsive

h*ll is here
h*ll is inside us
h*ll is here
h*ll is inside us?

where are my eyes?
where are my eyes?
where are my f*cking eyes?
can you tell where are my eyes
what do you think you’re doing to me?
i wanna know, i wanna know
tell me, tell me, tell me…
tell me where are my eyes
tell me, please
i wanna know where are my eyes
where are my eyes?…

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