everything’s eventual lyrics – regain the legacy

it’s time to wake up, my dear child!
the fairytale is over for you!
again in the world of witches drinking potions, and
venal, greedy kings!

walk down the street, through blackness and dirt sale,
you will not notice decrease in the grief
and lewd condemnation!

the crucified bodies on calvary hill!
do you still think we’ve got out of mother’s belly?
you a virus!
so you need one more delayed vaccine!

so defiantly, so disgustingly and feverishly ominous
inhumanity and unholiness reflected in their scalpel!

cut over the cut covered a breathless body which was
better than anybody of us!
in your eyes it’s strangled by an umbilical cord! here
is everything’s eventual!

and no one can see your motley world! just sleep in the
there you have no a place! in bl**dy silence we build
the palaces of hatred and pain!
these illusions we live! the last thing you should to
know – saint stilian is dead!

wake up! we’re losing control!
dark wave washes horizon!
unborn uttering last squeal!
we can betray our blood just one time in our life!

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