everybody wants a name lyrics – big mike

verse 1]
my lil’ partner be talkin about it’s been approximately
five years and four months from the day
that all these n*gg*s done came up around his way, what can he say
you can ask sh*lley, and even she’ll say (hey)
these n*gg*s be callin themselves big shots ever since he been away
even dante got a little size upon his chest
maybe it’s from the reinforced teflon vest
but nevertheless, he takes it all in stride
talkin about (these n*gg*s got theirs, it’s only right that i gets mine)
nah, don’t go near them n*gg*s, son, you might get shot
believe me when i tell you: things ain’t the same on the block
they got glocks and sh*t done changed
for a buck and some change
they might blow out your m*th*f*ckin brains
these n*gg*s ain’t thinkin when they’re tryin to get a piece
the only peace you better get is of mind
and stay your *ss inside
wide eyes actin sheif and sh*tty
for attention hoe-*ss n*gg*s’ll have a mortician ready to fit me

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