epoch of barbarity lyrics – internal bleeding

barren. wasteland. devoid of life. barbarity reigns
supreme in this land. nirvana is burning, man’s fate at
hand. lord jesus crying. father god dies. famine and
bloodshed, amongst the desperate cries. humanity’s greed,
corrupt to the core. slaughter for power/profit from war.
epoch of barbarity, man against man. the evolving of
humans to fit darwin’s plan. feeble fools wait and see.
kill yourself, while facing nihility. crushing the weak,
feast on the skin. delicacy of man’s flesh, the ultimate
sin. feeble fools wait and see. feeble fools wait/see.
epoch of barbarity. feeble fools wait and see. the shadow
of death looms-eclipsing the now cold sun. the hors*m*n
they ride again in search of the nazarene son. rivers
running dry, the earth is parched and cold. dying by the
millions, like the prophecies once had told. epoch of
barbarity. the world will surely die. tears of sorrow
flow, like rain from the bleeding sky.

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